Good morning, good moooorning! It’s fun to stay up late!

April 18, 2011 § 14 Comments

Okay, not really that fun if you’re staying up late only because you just can’t sleep.  Boo for insomnia!  That red wine probably didn’t do me any favors.

Here is Bella checking out my morning sludge.  I have no greens today so I added wheatgrass powder.  That mixed with the cacao makes for one funky looking breakfast.  The upside is people on the bus will now look at me and envy my discipline.  In my head.

Thanks to those of you that commented on yesterday’s blog and those that left kind words on Facebook!  I’m so excited that people are excited.  Excitement is everywhere!

I’ve got to make this quick as I have to go to work soon.  First day back after vacation=barf.  I was gone for a week and a half and haven’t taken time to do any real grocery shopping.  I’ve been living mostly on convenience foods since I’ve been back.  My lunch today is comprised of leftovers and some random things I found to throw in.  Into my Laptop Lunchbox, that is!  If you own one of these, everyone that ever sees you eat your lunch will tell you how cute it is.  I am sort of convinced that when they say “cute” they mean “childlike”.  I don’t care though!  Makes things easy.

Clockwise: Some bag salad, dark chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe’s, frozen broccoli, and leftover vegan Fideo.  Not exactly nutrient dense stuff but better than anything I could get at the market across the street from work.

I will leave you all with a question today and PUH-LEASE comment again with an answer!  It will actually help me write the blog.  Consider it research.  Yeeeeeeeahhhh, research.

What do you usually eat for lunch on days that you are working?



§ 14 Responses to Good morning, good moooorning! It’s fun to stay up late!

  • Sarah Beilke says:

    Love the blog, Beth! It is great inspiration to me as I am at day 30 of a 90 day weight-loss program. : )

    On days I am working, I buy a large chicken Caesar salad from Metropolitan Market which lasts for two days. I don’t eat the croutons or cheese, but the lettuce and chicken are fresh and delicious and I eat a tiny tiny bit of the dressing. Along with that, I usually have a cup of fresh grapes and four or five strawberries. It certainly keeps me full until snack time!

  • Valerie says:

    I usually eat out for lunch and it is NEVER healthy. I end up feeling tired and full and unmotivated all afternoon! The problem is – I LOVE to eat and I love to eat all of the foods that are bad for me! 🙂 With 3 kids, and a busy schedule it is hard to find quick easy items to pack that I will be excited about at lunch! Suggestions? Love your blog! You are so gosh darn cute! 🙂

    • I totally understand! It’s so fun to go out to eat and so easy to get in that habit! Never fear – you can DEFINITELY expect a big post about this topic coming up! Probably this Sunday 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    You’re doing it, Peter! Yay! I’m glad.

    Lately thinking about lunch on the days I’m working makes me want to die. The baby is messing with me and I am kind of nauseous and/or have a weird bitter taste in my mouth a lot of the time that ruins all savory foods. But before that was a thing, I would eat leftovers, or a bean salad (some kind of bean, some chopped vegetables, some feta, some sunflower seeds, in a little sriracha and lemon juice), or a green salad. Lately I just mope around for a long time in the morning because lunch is so annoying and then pack some cereal and walnuts and craisins in a baggie. And maybe an apple that I will never feel like eating. Wee wah. Hopefully this will not last long.

    PS: Have you gotten/are you thinking about getting Super Natural Every Day (101 Cookbooks)? I reeeallly want it. I think you would love it.

    • I haven’t seen Super Natural Every Day but I have Super Natural Cooking and it’s so beauuuuutiful! Her pictures and design make me feel cozy. Like a cozy healthy kind-hearted gypsy.

      Your bean salad sounds neat. I like the idea of lemon juice and sriracha together in one powerful dressing! You are always so healthy so I’m glad you responded. I’m going to steal all of your ideas for the blog.

      • Sarah says:

        My bean salad IS neat. Sriracha + lemon juice = whoa. It would be too much for some people but not for me. Can I tell you though that I haven’t been making it lately because I bought a Costco-sized tub of feta and when I went to use it recently after returning from out of town I found DOG HAIR THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE THING. I think what happened is our housesitter accidentally dumped it out, or it fell out of the refrigerator, and he tried to salvage it by scooping it back in. But dummy: IT WAS FULL OF DOG HAIR. DON’T YOU HAVE EYES?! Also, even minus the dog hair, still totally unsanitary and super weird. I was so grossed out and so mad. Really, really mad. But someday I will go back to Costco and will again have feta and bean salad will be mine once more.

  • Becky says:

    I am lazy and usually just have a Bumblebee tuna salad and crackers kit and an apple or some other fruit. Not nearly as cute as your lunch!

    • Well, maybe Santa will bring you a little lunch container this year? 😉 Along with that scarf he was supposed to knit you two years ago…yikes.

      Not that you said you’re looking for alternatives but maybe sometime I’ll post a recipe for Chickpea Salad Sandwiches. Always satisfies my cravings for deli tuna salad sandwiches. So good for you, too!

      • Becky says:

        Would love to try your Chickpea Salad recipe! I think the laptop lunchbox would inspire me to plan better and make healthier lunches. Plus…portion control!

  • Justin says:

    My lunch is typically probably not the healthiest, ranging from taco truck to some sort of sandwich. I always say I’m going to bring my lunch but somehow it just never happens. Even if I plan it out really well, I always forget to pack it or bring it, and if it’s healthy, it always sounds way less appealing than whatever the other guys at my office are doing. That last part is really not that much of a problem, I’m just wimpy in the face of tacos.

    • Mmmmmm tacos. Sandwiches. I like those things a lot. They are powerful.

      Yeah, I guess I’m pretty lucky because everyone at my work is very health conscious (duh) so I feel like I’m usually the one eating the “worst”.

      Well, you should tune in for my lunch post, too. It seems like it’s a really easy time to make choices based on convenience so I’m excited to give people ideas!

  • Deb says:

    Laptop lunch box is fantastic! I’ll bet that’s what people in Denmark use to pack their lunch. Have you tried the dark chocolate covered blueberries from Trader Joe’s? Wow! (you’re welcome.)

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